AAA: Gas prices hold steady in Tennessee


Despite steady rises during the month of December, gas prices remained unchanged during the first week of 2021 according to AAA. As a result, Tennessee remains the 10th least expensive market in the nation.

“Holiday road travel was down at least 25 percent,” said AAA spokeswomen Megan Cooper. “With fewer people on the road, Tennessee motorists saw little change at the pump from the last week of 2020 to the first days of 2021.”

What Tennessee motorists experienced was part of a national trend as prices remained unchanged across the nation. The national average held steady at $2.25, slightly higher than the average price of $2.04 in Tennessee.

The average price of fuel rose nine cents last month nationally, but January gas prices are 33 cents cheaper than they were this time last year. AAA expects demand to dwindle in coming weeks, which should drive prices lower, especially if crude oil holds at the current price point.

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