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$500,000 VCEDA grant approved for space-based broadband initiative

An up-to-$500,000 grant from the Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority (VCEDA) Education and Telehealth Access Fund was closed Thursday with the Appalachian Council for Innovation (ACI) to be used toward the development of space-based broadband service in southwest Virginia. VCEDA was appropriated $500,000 in the Virginia state budget during FY2022, “for initiatives intended to expand education ...

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Would we rather fix problems or just keep complaining?

By Scott Robertson The state of Tennessee just did our region an injustice. In a move that’s been in the works long enough to have hired Brad Paisley to record a video hyping it, the Tennessee Department of Tourism announced it is offering $2.5 million in $250 vouchers to travelers who will stay for two nights in a Tennessee hotel, if they fly into Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis or Nashville. That’s in the ...

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Residential Construction

“If you’re not making money in this market, you’re doing something wrong.” by Don Fenley The local real estate industry has a case of pandemic fatigue. While the rest of the economy was savaged by Coronavirus lockdowns, real estate saw unprecedented growth. The market is still robust, but there is a complication. Skyrocketing material costs, supply chain issues and labor shortages are to builders in today’s ...

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TVA not shying from spotlight as power projects ramp up

by Scott Robertson Sometime in July, you’ll start seeing stories in the local media about the economic contributions of recreational fishing in northeast Tennessee. They will be very real business stories with ties to tourism, the environment and the quality of life in the region. They will also be promoted by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The TVA is making what appears to be a charm initiative this summe ...

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