Regionalism’s next step: Sullivan, Washington County Commissions to hold joint workshop


Sullivan County Mayor Richard Venable and Washington County, Tenn. Mayor Joe Grandy

Sullivan County Mayor Richard Venable today sent county commissioners an email formally announcing a called work session in conjunction with Washington County, Tenn., Mayor Joe Grandy and the Washington County Commission. The session is slated to be held Oct. 18 at 5 p.m. at TRI-Cities Airport. The text of Venable’s message follows.


Dear Sullivan County Commissioners,

Since the August election, Washington County Mayor Joe Grandy and I have had several opportunities to discuss some of our common challenges.  The dialogue has been very helpful as we address common problems.  It occurred to us that interchanges of ideas and information such as we’ve had might also benefit our individual Commissioners.  Many exciting things are happening in each of our Counties and the opportunity to share times together is limited.  Therefore we have agreed to provide this opportunity as reflected in the announcement shown below.

Mayor Grandy and I are calling a special called work session for the expressed purpose of declaring open lines of communications between our respective County Commissions and the desire to work together for the common good.  Congressman Phil Roe has agreed to read a Joint Proclamation by Mayor Grandy and myself expressing these desires.  This will be followed by a short presentation on The Aero Space Park by Mark Canty.  Dinner will then be provided by Patrick Wilson and staff on behalf of TCAA and a time of introductions and fellowship will follow.

Joe and I are excited about this historic meeting and want to urge each of you to attend.  No other business will be conducted.



The open meeting will be held at 5 p.m. on the mezzanine at Tri-Cities Airport. Dinner will be provided after the event.

“Mayor Venable was gracious enough to help kick-off my campaign for Washington County mayor, and I noted at the time that our counties can only get stronger working together to increase opportunities for all of our citizens,” Grandy said. “I am pleased to announce that effort is underway beginning with this joint work session and look forward to jointly announcing potential areas for cooperation in coming days.”

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