Text of resolution in support of maintaining local control of healthcare systems



WHEREAS, this region is served by two exceptional healthcare systems, community owned, locally governed and committed to providing access to the highest quality care for our citizens; and

WHEREAS, choices that would end community ownership and local control of our healthcare systems are being considered, with diminished access and quality of care being likely outcomes; and

WHEREAS, regional access to quality healthcare systems that are responsive to our local population health challenges and focused on clinical excellence is integral to the overall desirability of this region; our ability to attract employers and new investment; and to improving the quality of life for our citizens; and

WHEREAS, healthcare is the largest provider of jobs in Washington County, TN, providing a significant direct impact on the economy of this region; and

WHEREAS, the economic impact of our healthcare systems extend beyond the provision of employment opportunities for our citizens to include promotion and support of a healthier lifestyle and workforce thereby making our region more competitive in attracting investment and job creation; and

WHEREAS, the relationship between East Tennessee State University and each of our healthcare systems contributes greatly to the availability of quality healthcare in our region as a result of the creation and ongoing support for the training and research programs of the Academic Health Sciences Center at ETSU; in addition, this relationship holds tremendous potential to further expand and develop research and academic opportunities which will enhance the accessibility and quality of our healthcare and broaden the economic impact of East Tennessee State University in our region.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we strongly encourage the Boards of Directors of our local healthcare systems to carefully consider the impact of their decisions on the quality and availability of the comprehensive healthcare services currently accessible in this region, and the economic impact likely to result from the loss of local control; and that the Boards of Directors ensure a transparent process that is accountable to the communities they serve; and that the potential impact of any decision on key stakeholders in this region be considered prior to a final decision; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution shall take effect immediately upon approval of the City Commission.

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