Wellmont: Decision on strategic options/merger unlikely before January


 KINGSPORT – Meaningful work by Wellmont Health System’s board of directors is enabling the group to fully explore the best path forward for the organization.

Wellmont Board of Directors Chairman Roger Leonard.

Wellmont Board of Directors Chairman Roger Leonard.

Roger Leonard, the board’s chairman, said the panel continues its examination of Wellmont’s options, a process that will likely extend into the new year. With the holiday season in full swing and the need for the board to further review information it has received, a decision about Wellmont’s future is not imminent, he said.

“This is a complex decision, and the significance to our health system and our community cannot be understated,” Leonard said. “With that in the forefront of our minds, we have taken a very deliberate and thoughtful approach to this work in the last year.”

Leonard said the board is still on track with its evaluation. He expressed gratitude for the patience and support of the community and Wellmont’s physicians and co-workers and thanked everyone for the input the board has received.

“I am excited about Wellmont’s future,” Leonard said. “This long-term decision requires us – and every health system nationally – to come to terms with new realities and reinvent the way we conduct business and provide care. That work is essential regardless of our partnership decision. However, I am confident about our ability to tackle these challenges and continue to build something great for our region.

“As we double check and triple check the information before us and further validate our assumptions, we are working intently with Wellmont’s physician leaders in partnership with the administrative team to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.”

Leonard urged people to visit forwardwithvision.org, the website developed for the strategic options process, for further updates. The site also empowers people to visit the Fact Check page for answers to frequently asked questions and rumors.


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