Tusculum, Northeast State reach agreement on dual admission program


Northeast State Community College President James D. King, center left, and Dr. James Hurley, Tusculum University’s president, center right, sign a dual enrollment agreement during a press conference on Monday. (Contributed)

Students attending Northeast State Community College will have a seamless transition to Tusculum University after receipt of an associate’s degree through a new agreement reached between the two higher education institutions.

Leaders from Tusculum and Northeast State conducted a news conference Monday, Oct. 22, on the Northeast State campus to discuss the new dual admission program. The initiative, which is effective immediately, will provide another path for students to receive their undergraduate degree and save them and their families money.

“The value of earning an undergraduate degree cannot be overstated because of the long-term impact it has on a person’s career and earning potential,” said Dr. James Hurley, Tusculum’s president. “As first-generation college graduates, some of my cabinet members and I have seen firsthand how this experience has changed our lives. This partnership between Tusculum and Northeast State is an excellent way for our two academic institutions to help those students achieve that ultimate goal.”

Students who participate in this program first enroll at Northeast State and earn an associate of arts degree, an associate of science degree or an associate of science and teaching degree. They then enroll at Tusculum to complete their bachelor’s degree.
Northeast State students who fulfill the requirements of the dual enrollment program are guaranteed acceptance to Tusculum. However, some majors might carry additional application and program admission requirements.

“We are appreciative of this partnership with Tusculum University that provides a smooth path for Northeast State students to achieve a bachelor’s degree,” said Northeast State President James D. King. “This dual admission program is an excellent opportunity for our students to further their educational goals.”

To be eligible for the dual admission program, students must plan to pursue an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree and meet Northeast State’s current admission requirements. Those who are already enrolled at Northeast State can still apply for the program as long they have no more than 29 credit hours and meet threshold grade point average requirements.

Students who do not enroll for classes at Northeast State for more than a year have to reapply to the dual admission program. Anyone who does not complete all prerequisites for a degree at Tusculum while they attend Northeast State will have to take those courses at the university.

Northeast State will refer students to appropriate Tusculum campus contacts during their first semester enrolled in the program. Students will work jointly with contacts at both higher education institutions to determine the best course selection.

Tusculum officials said the dual enrollment agreement will be a good fit for the university because it gives them plenty of time to prepare for a student’s arrival and have the necessary academic and social structure in place to serve them. Representatives of the two institutions also said they would be able to collaborate on recruitment efforts with high school students.

“This is a win-win-win scenario because it not only benefits our institutions but also the students who are pursuing a degree,” said Dr. Paul Pinckley, Tusculum’s vice president of enrollment management and financial aid. “This agreement presents an organized method for everyone to plan a student’s academic path well in advance so students better understand the framework of their academic career. We’re excited about working with an excellent institution in Northeast State and will welcome these students with open arms on our campus.”
For more information about Tusculum, please visit www.tusculum.edu. To learn more about Northeast State, please visit www.northeaststate.edu.

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