Jarden Zinc Products rebranding to ARTAZN LLC


Tom Wennogle

Change marks half-century in the Greeneville, Tenn., community

by Karen Janette

Those with long memories will know this is not the first time the name on the sign has changed, but the leaders of what has since 2004 been known as Jarden Zinc Products point out a long history of service to the community, whatever the name. In fact, 50 years ago, when Jarden Zinc opened the doors to its Greeneville, Tenn., facility, the company began a policy of full integration of company and community. This legacy of growth and community development didn’t begin five decades ago; it goes back as far as Jarden Zinc’s own beginnings, 130 years ago.

Best known today for coinage manufacturing and production of high-security coins, Jarden Zinc began as Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing in 1880, a small jar-canning company that also manufactured the zinc lids for the famous Ball Mason jars. By 1934, the Ball Brothers company managed the largest zinc strip rolling mill in the world, creating new applications for the element along the way. And the company structure was evolving as well. A name change to Ball Corporation took place in 1969. Two decades later, Alltrista Corporation was formed. Comprised of three previous Ball Corp. companies, this entity became the nucleus to what became Jarden Process Solutions, a division of Jarden Corp. In May 2019, as Jarden Zinc Products was nearing its 50-year mark, Jarden Process Solutions, was purchased by One Rock Capital Partners. The private equity firm was focused on creating value by investing in high-potential, middle-market companies. As this partnership unfolded, the leadership felt it was time to make a more significant change to properly reflect the positive changes that were happening within the business lines. In 2020, Jarden Process Solutions announced it would be known as Jadex Inc., and Jarden Zinc Products would operate under the legal name ARTAZN LLC and the ARTAZN brand.

Today ARTAZN is the largest North American producer of solid zinc strip and zinc-based products and one of the largest in the world. The company is one of the world’s leading coin blank manufacturers, with 300 billion coins released into circulation in more than 20 countries. The company also supplies for customers in the automotive, architectural, building, cathodic protection, and specialty industries.

“For over a century in the zinc industry, we have placed a high value on innovation and enhancing our technical capabilities, and we are proud of the visionaries and artists who develop, design, and engineer our zinc products,” says Tom Wennogle, president of ARTAZN LLC. “As we continue to grow and compete in a global economy, we wanted to take this opportunity to create a brand that better represents who we are and demonstrates the comprehensive range of capabilities, products, and services we bring to the market.”

The rebranding is part of the company’s strategy to better reflect craftsmanship, precision, and performance. The name ARTAZN, Wennogle says, invokes the innovation that occurs when art meets science.

The core values of the company will not be changing with the name, Wennogle adds. “The safety of our employees is our number one priority and having a world class safety program is something that we will continue to pursue. Our employees are like family and it is important to instill a safety-first mentality at work and at homes.”

In addition, Wennogle says, environmental stewardship will remain important to ARTAZN. “Everyone takes great measures to preserve our environment through vigorous sustainability initiatives across all business operations.” Moving forward, Wennogle says, the company plans to achieve an ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification.

“Supporting our community is part of our responsibility as a thriving organization, and we are honored that we have the capability to provide resources and assistance that makes a difference in their missions to make the Greeneville community a better place. We plan to continue and grow our support as we enter the next phase of our history,” adds Wennogle. Jarden Zinc has historically supported organizations such as Niswonger Children’s Hospital, United Way, Greene County Food Bank, and Palmettoe Children’s Charity.

ARTAZN also supports educational and workforce development initiatives in the Greene County Schools, Tusculum University and East Tennessee State University, as well as the technical programs at Northeast State and Walter State Community Colleges.

“We are proud of where we have come from,” Wennogle says. “Our rich history and evolution are what brought us to where we are today. And being planted in the history of Greeneville is as equally rewarding. As we look ahead, we will always cherish the path we’ve traveled as Jarden Zinc, and we are extremely excited about the future ahead as we become known as ARTAZN.”

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