Two sites unveiled at Bristol Business Park


Representatives from Bristol Tennessee Essential Service (BTES) and the city of Bristol, Tenn., broke ground March 24 on two new sites in the Bristol Business Park off Highway 394 near Bristol Motor Speedway.

“This is such a beautiful site,” said BTES Board Chair Erin Downs. “When you and I look around, we see the beauty of our region with this park nestled in the hills of northeast Tennessee. But when a future industry owner looks at this site, they see time and money. They see the time and money that would be required to take the rolling hills and make them into a pad-ready site. BTES had the vision to purchase this land and invest in the park to be able to attract new businesses and to help new businesses expand.”

When the current infrastructure work is complete. Downs said, the sites will have water, sewer, gas, electricity and fiber already in place, ready for potential tenants. The first site will accommodate a 30,000-square-foot building on a little over five acres. The second site will accommodate a 200,000-square-foot-building on roughly 17 acres.

To date, more than $5 million has been invested in the park. The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and TVA have both put grant dollars into the project. Another site in the Bristol Business Park, adjacent to the two new sites, was unveiled two years ago.

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