Airport sees surge in passengers


Tri-Cities Airport witnessed a significant increase in passenger numbers for 2023, reflecting the airport’s continued growth and commitment to providing exceptional air travel services.

Last year, the total number of passengers reached 448,514, a remarkable 15.8% increase compared to the previous year, when the passenger count stood at 387,227. Leadership believes this significant growth underscores Tri-Cities Airport’s pivotal role as a community asset, serving and connecting communities in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

“The notable increase in passenger numbers for 2023 is a testament to our team’s dedication and the community’s trust in their airport,” Gene Cossey, Executive Director of Tri-Cities Airport, boasted. “We are proud to be a vital gateway for the Tri-Cities region, connecting travelers to destinations worldwide. The continued growth reflects our commitment to providing exceptional service and fostering economic development in the region.”

As the airport continues to expand its services and connectivity, it emphasizes the importance of local passengers’ support. The growth achieved last year in Blountville is not only a reflection of the airport’s efforts but also a result of the community’s commitment to utilizing and endorsing its services, a recent press release noted in part.

“We encourage our local passengers to recognize the role they play in our success,” Kristi Haulsee, Director of Marketing and Air Service Development, added. “Their continued support ensures that we can maintain and enhance the services we offer, fostering further growth and providing even more opportunities for our community.”

The airport’s new website,, recently launched and is designed for an enhanced traveler experience. It was developed in collaboration with Creative Energy, a Johnson City-based agency.

Photo courtesy of Tri-Cities Airport

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