Senator Crowe dedicates office staff to helping constituents navigate COVID-19 resources


Senator Rusty Crowe (R-Johnson City, pictured above), Chair of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, announced today that due to the numerous calls and requests coming in regarding the coronavirus situation, he has officially repurposed and focused his senate office and staff to work directly, during the senate recess, as a resource center to quickly deal with and provide contacts regarding resources, responses, the economic impact, and requests for information surrounding the coronavirus.

Resource information assistance will include, but not be limited to: small business support, COVID-19 testing sites, unemployment relief, relief for local governments, temporary assistance for needy families, and childcare.

Senator Crowe said, “This refocus and reorganization, will help in providing the best information as quickly as possible, as well as, to quickly relay information and suggestions I am getting on the ground to the Governor and to each appropriate departmental liaison.”

“My goal is to be ready to help get information to you directly, and to bring in the proper officials and departmental liaisons to address issues quickly,” added Crowe.

For both questions and suggestions call Senator Rusty Crowe, Laken, or Jenny at 615-741-2468 or 615-741-7936.

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