KOSBE Awards honor successful small business owners


Photo above: Honorees at the 2016 KOSBE Awards include (L-R) Donny Reeves, Luci Tate, Annisa Kittrell, Julia Johnson, Jenny Vicars, Amy Jackson, Jay Jackson, Brittany Jorgenson, Diane Vogt, Marshall Begley, Sarah Begley, Brenda Barnicki, Sandra Brown, Michelle Cunningham, Keith Cunningham, Keddrain Bowen, Dan Ragan, Angela Vachon and John Vachon. Photo courtesy KOSBE.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.14.59 AMBy Scott Robertson

The Kingsport Office of Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship (KOSBE) honored 13 area businesses at the 2016 KOSBE Awards Dec. 8 at the MeadowView Conference Resort and Convention Center. The 2016 event broke with tradition by not having a local businessperson act as keynote speaker, as is normally the case. Instead, the keynote address was delivered by Monica McCoy, founder, executive coach, global speaker, and consultant at MonicaMotivates, LLC and senior manager, channel planning and development for Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

McCoy’s address included both motivational and analytical elements. “It is critical for small business owners to understand their brand and the key value their brand brings to the table in a partnership,” McCoy told the crowd. “What they do not want to do is misalign their brand in a partnership. Whether they are a sole proprietor looking to bring someone into the business, or they are outsourcing work, or partnering with other brands, it’s important to know their own attributes, values, purpose, strengths and passions better than anyone.”

Aundrea Wilcox, executive director of KOSBE, said after the awards ceremony, “In addition to handing out 13 awards, it was a privilege for KOSBE to provide a platform for giving wings—or wheels in this case—to a deserving youth.  Past KOSBE Award Winner and Sponsor Millennium Auto Collision Repairs gave away a car, and Hayworth Tire & Auto Services provided the new set of tires.   These small business owners are an example, and showed us all that the night was not about what we get.  It’s about what we give.”

Darrell Dinsmore, vice president of Technology, Eastman Credit Union, and incoming KOSBE Chairperson said, “We are so inspired by this year’s winners.  Nothing is bigger than small business. The majority of job opportunities come from small business employers like these.”

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