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Corker bullish on bank regulation reform in 2017

By Scott Robertson The tide of banking regulation that swept over America after the Great Recession of 2008 may finally have reached crest stage. You’ll forgive small community bankers, though, if they’re not celebrating. The floodwaters aren’t rising anymore, but the house is still under water. When TriSummit Bancorp and HomeTrust Bancshares announced their merger Sept. 21 in Kingsport, TriSummit CEO Lynn ...

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Merger decision: It’s about real people, with real families, in real communities

By Jeff Keeling It took a self-effacing grandfather to convey the true import of a drama that’s been unfolding for more than two years now, the results of which could impact every person, community and business in the region for decades. By the time Dick Brownlee stepped to the podium inside a room at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center the evening of Oct. 27, that day’s chapter of the drama had ...

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The election is over. The question remains: Who should lead?

“You are 40 young men and women who are making a difference in your home and your workplace and in your community. You are 40 of the reasons we have a bright future as we look toward a tomorrow that is increasingly interconnected and globally competitive – and for the record, you are 40 people who would all make better presidential candidates than the two we have to choose from.” -  Dr. Bill Greer, Milligan ...

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